portraitsmallThank you for visiting my site. – You will find information on this site that you will not find on any other Councillor’s site. You will also find an honesty on this site that you will not encounter on any other Councillor’s site and you will discover that I have not budged one inch on the principles that I first promised to uphold 20 years ago:-

No Politics – I never play politics with issues. I always look at the issues which come before me and vote for or against them on their merits.

No Junkets – I was not elected to tour the world whilst pretending to benefit the Borough of North Down and in 20 years I have never accepted a free trip or flight and will not. The one exception I would make to this is the role of Mayor, who has duties and roles to honour, which entails a limited amount of travelling.

Represent All – Over the years I have had many, many people come to me to assist them. Not all of the issues were Council issues and I have represented people from all walks of life and all political persuasions. People not politics is an easy slogan but it has to be lived.

Straight Talk – I am elected to give an opinion – not waffle. If there is an issue which you need to know my opinion on well I will give it. 25 Councillors were asked to go on the Nolan Show to discuss the Queen’s Parade debacle – all declined but myself. (The video is on this site – click here)

Common Sense – The simplest but most important ingredient. There is no issue that is too complicated or too involved that cannot be resolved with common sense. All too often Party Political considerations in the Council Chamber override the common sense factor.

Not for the money – I get paid £710.00 per month from the Council. I am entitled to claim travel and car expenses but I do not and have not for several years. (Full wages here – click here)

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